Monday, October 7, 2013

October is here!

October is here and, with it, comes my favorite "holiday" -- Halloween -- and, of course, my birthday, a few days before that.

Tonight, my husband and I put up our ancient purple bat lights, which I love, and which I must have gotten when we first moved to Ohio 12 years ago (I think at Kmart), and the huge plastic Jack O'Lantern, which we like to place on top of the cat shelf in front of one of the upstairs windows so it looks creepily into the cool October nights.

This weekend, I had another close encounter with the Emergency Room on Saturday, after hosting friends for dinner. But all is well that ends well since I didn't have to spend the night there. So far so good. Knock on wood. And on anything else that brings good fortune.

This week we have October Break, which is a welcome respite and "catch up" time, and I will look very much forward to being able to stay home and enjoy the days off from having to commute.