Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hell froze over in February

Simply put, February sucked the duck in Ohio this year. Temperatures were regularly way below freezing, and the snow and ice were ubiquitous. A cruelest month, February encouraged a lot of sedentary-ness and it was the longest, shortest month because it simply refused to end.

In early February, I got to travel to NYC for work meetings and my husband I got to take some time to explore the city and have dinner out at a Brazilian restaurant, all of which felt like a really nice break in a year that started busier than I could've thought possible

Still, I'm learning a lot in this new position and really enjoying what I'm learning, as well as the ability to make a difference in many different ways.

Pretty, our "inherited" cat, loves my little apartment near the small college on the hill and, despite her more than fifteen years, is still a playful kitten when she decides it's time for play.

As its parting gift, February regaled us with a luna de toros, which shone like a perfect brooch on the bosom of the velvety night.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January in a whirl